Who knew such a range of emotions and experiences would come from one decision – the decision to separate from someone you once loved. In the process there has been anger, guilt, elation, fear, peacefulness, vulnerability and new-found strength.

Your head is spinning with questions that you don't have the answers to. You find yourself feeling a range of emotions. Yes, you can find a rational resolution with respect and reason. However, navigating the transition of divorce or separation is something you don’t want to tackle on your own. How can you be there for others when you aren’t really sure of yourself? Even the most confident and successful individual can easily be blown off-course during the times following the decision to end a partnership. I'm ready to get back on course.

It’s like a death – except you might run into them at the grocery store

It is like a birth – but you don’t quite know what to do with this new way of being that you are creating

Becoming comfortable and moving forward with a solid plan to go forward is your goal. You have long held beliefs that may have supported you in the past, but are now confusing and causing challenges. Investigating those beliefs can be daunting. 

Here is a simple, effective and easy way to support your transition

Life choices have tremendous impact - not only on ourselves - but others as well. Move through the confusion and mixed emotions by getting the support you need to make legal and life decisions. Clarity on what you feel and how it impacts your decisions is vital to moving forward in your life.

Combining the best mindset training with solid, legal guidance, Separation: Reasonable, Rational, Respectful, Resolved will give you the solid foundation you need during your transition. Celene and Suze combined have more than 60 years of supporting individuals in the process of Separation. 

We are here to support you